Our Plan To Make A Difference.

Lead a Citizen Coalition

Our plan to restore the quiet skies hinges on three main activities. First, we are committed to obtaining and accurately assessing information that led to the FAA’s decision. This phase of our work focuses on obtaining documents directly from the FAA and Port of Seattle, conferring with aviation experts and meeting with citizens knowledgeable about the history of noise abatement efforts since the 1990s. We believe strongly that our cause will succeed based on a thorough understanding of the factors that led to the FAA’s decisions and the options that exist to restore the peace and quiet we have been accustomed to.

Second, we are committed to working with our elected leaders, the FAA, the Port and Alaska Airlines to obtain a solution. This will involve various methods including: in-person meetings with the responsible agencies, participation at public meetings, community involvement and keeping our stakeholders informed.

Finally, if a negotiated solution cannot be obtained in a reasonable period of time, we are committed to enforcing legal remedies to abate the noise and obtain compensation. We have analyzed legal options and will exercise them as soon as we come to the belief that negotiations with the responsible parties have become unproductive.

All of this activity requires funding. We depend on our Coalition members for donations. Many have already contributed generously. Your donations support a variety of activities, such as:

  • Coalition literature, including our recent brochure which you can view here
  • Formation of the Coalition as a Washington non-profit corporation, including associated costs of maintaining the corporation such as insurance and filing fees
  • Website development and hosting
  • Community meetings (i.e., auditorium rental fees)
  • Communications / government relations strategy and consultants
  • Legal review and consultation

The Coalition is managed by a five member Board of Directors, all of whom serve on a volunteer basis. None of your donations are used to pay either the Board of

Directors or the four Officers who have been appointed by the Board.

Supporting Legislation

We will support Legislation now before the United States Congress, sponsored by Senator Elizabeth Warren, which proposes the establishment of an FAA Ombudsman who will work directly with local communities. We also support the Quiet Communities Act, introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Grace Meng. This proposed legislation would return funding to the EPA’s Office of Noise Abatement and Control. ONAC enforced Environmental Regulations that curbed aviation noise as a Public Health and Safety measure but was stripped away during the Reagan Administration.

Our immediate and primary mission is local – to restore our historic quiet skies. Effective long-term strategy, however, makes it essential for us to be part of a network of similarly situated communities and advocates. This is why, over the long term, we will continue to focus on legislation and planning efforts to address the negative economic, social, environmental and social costs caused by unabated and excessive airport noise and pollution.

Work Cooperatively

Will will work with the City of Burien as the opportunity presents itself. We will support the Councils effort to resolve the issue.