Our mission is to restore the quiet skies over the greater Burien area.

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Historically, the greater Burien area has seen only sporadic overflights from aircraft departures from Seattle-Tacoma airport. This is because north flow departures historically remained on a northern trajectory until they were approximately five miles north of takeoff.

Now, upon north flow takeoff, aircraft are directed to turn immediately to the west and to cross through airspace at low elevation disturbing tens of thousands of residents. 

We now understand the FAA claims this re-route decision was made in late summer 2016, but that understanding was only obtained through months of research/digging/agency foot-dragging by the Coalition and we didn't get a "real" answer from the FAA until December 2016. 


The impact from this sudden FAA modification is substantial and ongoing. Historically, the flight path map shown below illustrates the low volume of sporadic aircraft traffic over Burien

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.54.13 PM.png

Due to the FAA’s action, the low elevation aircraft traffic over the greater Burien area now looks like this:

The mission of the Quiet Skies Coalition is to restore the quiet skies over the greater Burien area. We can achieve this mission by requiring the FAA to discontinue routing flights to the west as they depart Sea-Tac Airport and reestablish the pattern that existed prior to July, 2016. We propose to achieve this through citizen action taking our demand directly to the responsible parties: The Federal Aviation Administration, the Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines using whatever means available.